The Signal Hill Jail is a low-security inmate correctional facility in the City of Signal Hill, California that is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. It is governed under California State Code’s Title 15 and is normally used for short-term custody for pre-sentenced adults (before further processing) or those awaiting trial. The facility is located at 2175 Cherry Avenue in the City Signal Hill and is open 24 hours a day to accept bail bonds and release inmates.

Facility Cells and Security System

Being a low-security Type 1 jail facility, Signal Hill’s staff to inmate ratio is typically lower than in a medium- or high-security jail. In this facility, the housing system for inmates is in the form of collective dormitories or cubicles, with 2 cell blocks that are capable of housing up to 13 prisoners at a time. The jail also has a single sobering cell that is used for the confinement of those inmates under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time of custody.

For the safety and security of all inmates, jail officers, and dispatchers, Signal Hill Jail has an installed video camera for each cell or cell block. These security cameras enable the jail’s administrators to monitor their inmates all round the clock, with the activity recordings subsequently kept for at least one year for any evidentiary purposes according to the state rules.

Prisoner Fingerprinting

When inmates arrive at the Signal Hill Jail Facility, their fingerprints are electronically captured using the Tenprinter fingerprint machine before being sent through a T1 line to the LA County Sheriff’s office and California’s Department of Justice where prisoner identification is conducted. Once this information has been submitted, an inmate’s legal names, date of birth and any criminal history will be verified and prisoners positively identified within 4 hours of registration of custody.

Correctional Programs

At the Signal Hill Jail Facility, prisoners are offered access to various programs and training to help them rehabilitate and prepare themselves to get their lives back on track once they are released. Since prisoners typically stay here for only a short period of time, the facility contains fewer amenities than a prison would. Inmates here are provided access to bathroom facilities and will be offered meals during their custody. There is also a common area where inmates can socialize with each other.

Juvenile Inmate Information

If there are any detained juveniles that need processing at the Signal Hill Jail, they will be transported to the facility for booking before either being given back to their parents/guardians or forwarded to the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall or the McClaren Hall for further housing and custody.

Inmate Visitation Information

A minimum 24-hour custody is required before a prisoner can be visited at Signal Hill Jail, with the visitation period being between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. for a single 15-minute session per day. Visitors must be 18 years and above and are required to present at least one picture ID before they can be allowed entry.

Inmates can also consult with their attorneys at any time during their custody. Members of the clergy can also visit the inmates.

For more information on prisoner visitation and communication, bails and bonds, inmate accounts or any other details, please contact the facility at 562-989-7200 or via

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